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Legal translation

The translation of a legal text requires an expert on all things legal. Besides a profound knowledge of both the source and the target language one also needs to have a good understanding of the respective legal systems and the differences between Civil and Common law.

Whether Articles of Association, a last will and testament, a contract or a court decision you can be sure that I will get the legal terminology correct and that the translation will precisely convey the meaning of the original text.


Specific training

As part of my degree course, I was trained in the translation of legal documents and I had to study the legal systems of both the UK and the US. Later in my career, I attended a specialist course in legal translation from Dutch into German and gained further insight into the Dutch and German legal systems. As a result, I have the technical background required to translate English or Dutch legal texts accurately into German. Since laws and regulations are dynamic, I regularly attend legal (translation) workshops to keep my knowledge up to date.


  • law firms and solicitors
    (e.g. any type of contract, memorandum and articles of association, power of attorney, certificate of good standing)

  • courts
    (e.g. judgment, order, writ)

  • police and other public authorities

  • companies
    (e.g. sale and purchase agreement, General Terms & Conditions, articles of association, patent, disclaimer, Code of Conduct, Privacy Statement)

  • private individuals
    (e.g. diploma, last will and testament, certificate of inheritance, decree nisi, employment contract, rental terms and conditions)

  • bailiffs
    (e.g. summons, petition)

  • public health and education institutions
    (e.g. Clinical Trial Agreement)

  • insurance companies
    (e.g. insurance terms for horticultural companies)