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Certified translation

Are you about to get married abroad? Have you applied to work as a professional and need a translation of your university diploma? Or do you need a translation of a last will, driving license or birth certificate?

I can provide you with a certified translation of any legal or official document. I have been registered as a certified translator with the Dutch Ministry of Justice since 2009 and therefore am legally authorised to provide certified translations in five different language combinations.

certified documents

A true and complete translation

A certified translation is a true and complete translation of the original document. Due to the official weight it carries, a certified translation requires particular attention to detail. No errors or omissions are allowed! Not only that but the translation should follow the format and layout of the source text as closely as possible to enable a comparison with the original. My expertise will ensure that your document is recognised by the relevant authorities in any German or English speaking country.

With seal and certificate of accuracy

Every certified translation carries my official seal and has a certificate of accuracy attached to it. This certificate verifies that the document is a true and complete translation of the original. Some formal documents may require notarisation and/or legalisation. This additional service is available on request.


  • companies
    (e.g. any type of contract, patent, extract from the Commercial Register, bank guarantee, minutes of board meetings)

  • incorporated associations
    (e.g. extract from the Commercial Register, articles of incorporation)

  • private individuals
    (e.g. diploma, diploma supplement, (school) certificate, work reference, employment contract, decree nisi, birth, marriage or death certificate)

  • bailiffs
    (any type of summons or petition)

  • law firms and solicitors
    (e.g. memorandum and articles of association, power of attorney, deed of transfer, last will, certificate of inheritance)