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Legal and Certified Translator

Certified Translations

I provide certified translations in five language combinations:

  • English into German
  • Dutch into German
  • French into German
  • German into Dutch
  • German into English
Member Chartered Institute of Linguists
Member Chartered Institute of Linguists

Legal, certified and other translations

Are you looking for an expert in legal translation or for an experienced certified translator? Or do you need a translation of a brochure, website, catalogue or press release? I have been providing top quality translations for businesses, law firms and private individuals ever since 1996. If you want a job completed to the highest standard, you have come to the right place!

Why? From start to finish, I deliver a personal service that is tailored to your needs so that you receive a product that is precisely what you require! My attention to detail and continual strive for excellence guarantee that my translations are 100% accurate and authentic. I make sure that your message is perfectly conveyed to the target audience and evokes the same feelings and emotions as in the target language!

Legal translation

Passionate about quality translation

What makes me a cut above the rest? My 100% commitment towards you and my passion for translation. I love nothing more than to look for a creative solution when faced with a challenge or to research a new subject matter thoroughly before even starting on a job.

Smart practice makes perfect

Like any real expert I keep paying attention to those aspects of my work I have yet to perfect and on refining my mental model of how to translate. I aim to improve my translation skills all the time by seeking out training opportunities that exceed my current level of expertise. Thus far, I have achieved a particularly high standard in the following areas:

How to save time and money

  • Use Word or Excel files +

    Send a Word or Excel file whenever possible. This way, you will benefit fully from the advantages of translation tools (in my case Déjà-Vu X3) and you will get a considerable discount for internal repetitions.
  • Keep to the same spelling and layout +

    If you need to make changes to a previously translated document and want me to translate only the newly added text, it is important that you do not change the spelling or layout. Otherwise, the translation tool will not recognize 100% matches and you will pay more.
  • Retain a Word copy after creating a PDF +

    Working from a PDF-file is time-consuming. Therefore, make sure you retain a Word copy whenever you save a document as a PDF-file so that you always have a Word file at hand when you need a translation.

    Most PDF-files can not be imported in a translation tool without first converting them into Word. And in some instances, especially in the case of old deeds, all the hard returns will first have to be removed in order to make it possible for a translation tool to divide the text into segments that may in the future be recognized as a match.
  • Include visual or other reference material +

    This helps me to get a better picture or understanding of a specific product, service or (conflict) situation.
  • Invest in a professional translation +

    Consider your website to be your business card and invest in a high-quality translation.

    A high-quality translation will show your potential clients how much you value your product or services and make it easier for them to understand what your company is about.
  • Check whether everything needs translating +

    When you ask for a quote for your website, be specific about which menu buttons you would like to have translated. Not everything is of interest to a German-speaking audience. If you are not sure, I will be happy to advise you.
  • Choose a specialist in your subject area +

    If you want the best translation, choose a professional translator who is a specialist in your subject area. Experience and training are crucial when it comes to difficult choices in terminology. An incorrect translation can cost you money and may have other negative consequences.
  • Give the original text direct to a professional translator +

    Always give the original text direct to the professional translator.

    Translating a document yourself (or having it translated by a machine) does not save you money when you want to use the translation for business purposes. Editing a pre-translated document usually costs more time than translating it from scratch and the end result is never as good as it would have been if it had been translated by a professional translator from the outset.
  • Contact a freelance translator directly +

    Contact a professional freelance translator directly rather than a translation agency. This will ensure you receive cost-effective, personal and consistent service.

    Translation agencies have overhead costs which are charged to you on top of the translation. Besides, many agencies employ the cheapest – and not the best qualified - translators and do not always use the same translator for repeat work
  • Ensure you get the certified translation you need +

    Make sure you scan all the documents as PDF (not as JPEG) and send them with your request for a quote. Since everything (stamps, signatures, coats of arms and even numbers in small print) needs to be translated, I can only give you an accurate quote when I have seen all the relevant documents.

    Check that everything in the PDF-file you send is visible and legible (even small print at the bottom of a page).

    Ask the relevant authority what their requirements are (does the document require legalisation, an apostille etc.?) and let me know.

    When there is more than one document to be certified, please tell me whether everything can be certified as one single document or whether you need a separate certified copy of each document (e.g. if the documents are intended for different recipients).

    If you confirm the job and there is a lot of illegible hand-written text, you will need to type it out for me.
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